General Provisions for the Privacy Policy

  • The manner in which BIO EVEN collects, uses and retains Personal Data provided by Clients when subscribing to the BIO EVEN Solution is defined by this Privacy and Data Protection Policy (“Privacy Policy”).
  • BIO EVEN acknowledges that the data to which it may have access during the execution of the Contract is confidential information. The confidentiality obligations shall persist for three (3) years from the date of termination of the Contract.
  • Personal data may only be processed by a subcontractor upon consent by the Client.
  • BIO EVEN agrees to comply with European and French standards when processing data transmitted by Clients, in particular the provisions of the French Data Protection Act, as well as the relevant European laws.
  • Clients are deemed to have read and accepted this Privacy Policy by agreeing to it when they register. They expressly accept the use of their data as defined in these terms and conditions upon use of the website as well as the BIO EVEN Solution and Digital Tools.
  • This Privacy Policy is available on the Website and can be downloaded at any time.
  • The Website may contain links to third party sites. In no case may BIO EVEN be held liable for the content of these links, their privacy policies and personal data protection policies.
  • When Clients and/or Users visit these third-party sites, their personal data may be collected. Clients and Users are invited to read the terms and conditions of use of these sites.
  • Clients who wish to subscribe to the BIO EVEN Solution on the Website must provide the information indicated below, including company name/name, address and a contact e-mail address. After registration, BIO EVEN shall create a Client account and one or more anonymous User accounts depending on the Services and options selected by the Client. Any Client may modify or delete their Client account and the associated user accounts at any time by contacting BIO EVEN by e-mail at

Data that May be Collected on the Website

  • Data is collected through information directly provided by the Client, or as a result of the Client and/or the User’s actions on the Website.
  • BIO EVEN processes and collects the following data: company name, address, name of legal representative, telephone number, IP address, connection and navigation data when authorized by the User, history of orders, transactions, complaints, incidents and correspondence on the Website.
  • The data to be provided at the time of collection is, unless otherwise stated, mandatory.
  • Information is collected when the Client:
    • Creates an account and/or subscribes to the BIO EVEN Solution
    • Uses the BIO EVEN Solution
    • Browses the Website
    • Contacts customer service.
  • Data recipient.

BIO EVEN is the authorized recipient of Clients’ Personal Data and agrees not to share any Personal Data concerning the Clients and/or Users. This data may be sent to subcontractors used by BIO EVEN as part of service operations, including hosting services for the Website and BIO EVEN Solution.

BIO EVEN neither sells nor rents Personal Data received from Clients to third parties for prospection without their formal and express consent.

Purpose of the Collection of Personal Data

The main purpose of collecting Personal Data is to provide Clients with a safe, optimal, efficient and personalized experience. The Client consents to use of their personal data by BIO EVEN in order to:

  • Provide and improve the BIO EVEN Solution
  • Resolve any problems and disputes
  • Customize, assess, improve Services
  • Inform Clients about the BIO EVEN Solution and Digital Tools using targeted marketing and/or promotional offers, with the consent of the Clients and/or Users
  • Prevent, detect and investigate any potentially prohibited and illegal activities and enforce BIO EVEN’s Terms and Conditions
  • Fulfill its legal and regulatory obligations.


  1. As a general rule, BIO EVEN uses cookies for the purpose of improving and/or measuring the audience and/or customizing the Website and/or the BIO EVEN Solution. Cookies are small files made up of letters and numbers stored in the Client’s and/or User’s browser or in the hard drive of the terminal used by the Client and/or User.
  2. A cookie is not used to collect personal data without the knowledge of the Client and/or User, but to rather to record information on the Client’s and/or User’s browsing of the website, which may be read directly by BIO EVEN during subsequent visits and requests by the Client and/or User. This may include the pages consulted, or the date and time at which the pages were consulted.
  3. BIO EVEN allows Clients and/or Users to refuse all cookies. As a result, browsing will be limited on certain pages of the website.
  4. Through cookies, Clients and Users can be recognized at their next visit, use of the BIO EVEN Solution by Clients and/or Users on the Website and/or the BIO EVEN Solution can be secured, the Client and/or User’s choice of language can be saved, and BIO EVEN can analyze traffic on the website’s information pages in order to improve the content.
  5. By default, cookies are not automatically installed, except for those necessary for operation of the website and Services. In compliance with the regulations in force, BIO EVEN requires the consent of the Client and/or User before installing any other type of cookies.
  6. The Client and/or User may set their browser software to refuse or delete cookies.


In the event that one of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and/or the Technical and Financial Terms should become null and void due to a change in legislation or a court decision, this shall in no way affect the validity of and compliance with the other clauses of these conditions.

Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions and the Technical and Financial Terms are governed by French law. Any disagreement or dispute that cannot be settled amicably is subjectto the jurisdiction of the Courts under the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals of VERSAILLES, notwithstanding multiple defendants, introduction of third parties, emergency proceedings or summary proceedings, unless the rules of public order assign jurisdiction to other courts.