We are dedicated to finding
innovative medical solutions

We are dedicated to finding innovative medical solutions

At Bio Even, we are actively working on new formulas based on the use of natural effectors while developing new encapsulation techniques to protect and deliver drugs.

Who are we?

We are pioneers in the discovery of the anticancer properties of Flavine Adenine Dinucleotide (FAD) as well as other natural effectors. We have developed and protected by international patents advanced formulations combining several molecules.

Our goal is to help patients tolerate chemotherapy better and to use our product as an adjuvant and novel adjuvant for the treatment of cancer.

We have several international research cooperation agreements and in particular with the CNRS, Sorbonne University Paris North (Dr Jolanda Spadevecchia, Nanomedicine, Biomarker and Detection – NBD) and with the University Hospital of Shenzen in China (Pr Xiaowu Li , chief physician, professor at the institute for hepatobiliary surgery).

Our patented way of advanced cocktail formulation has the following benefits in cancer therapy:

  • Minimized side effects treatment of cancer patients.
  • Non-toxic as they are derived from nature Vitamin.
  • Improve the cancer therapy as adjuvant or new-adjuvant.

Our key collaboration: