Bio Even Team

Executive committee

Gérard Zink


After spending many years at the head of several major firms in different industrial sectors, Gérard Zink joined forces with a group of friends to set up Bio Even, with the aim of raising funds and recruiting skills to support Didier Paleni’s research and help develop new anticancer treatments.

Cyrille Roze

CEO of Bioeven

After engineering studies, Cyrille Roze managed industrial and commercial companies with several hundred employees in an international context. After having been associated with Gérard Zink in several entrepreneurial adventures, Cyrille joined BioEven with the objective of ensuring the overall operational coordination of the company.

Didier Paleni

Products Development Manager

A trained chemist and physician, Didier Paleni has devoted his career to research on cellular differentiation and its various applications. Partnerships with public and private research laboratories both in France and abroad have allowed him to validate a novel approach to cancer, focusing on preventive treatments.

Didier Paleni currently leads Bio Even and coordinates studies aimed at applying his research findings.

Jolanda Spadavecchia

Scientific Officer

Dr. Jolanda Spadavecchia, is Research Director (DR) at CNRS. Since  septembre 2017, she direct a  scientific group called NanoPhotoMed , composed by young researcher  ,PhD  student and industrial researcher ,in order to realize news nanomedical-devices  applied in the field of nanomedicine and biosensors in collaboration with start-up and industry. Since 2018, she is co-head of the team called Nanomedicine, Biomarker and detection (NBD) on the development of therapeutics and biomarker-detection in order to create new nanomedical-devices applied in the field of nanomedicine and biosensors in collaboration with start-ups and industry. Her research activities are focused on the realisation of nanoparticles, biosensors and the development of Nano-hybrid materials for Safety . Recently she obtained a Ligue cancer project, Emergence @INC International and  a leadership of NanoTechnology platform France-Chine. Finally, she published more than 95 peer-reviewed scientific articles and 6 world patents, with a huge impact on the nanomedicine and chemistry scientific communities.

Qiqian Liu

Scietific Coordinator

In 2008 he has graduated of general medical from the third military medical university in China, then he has followed his studies in France. 2021 he has graduated from the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord for PHD degree in chemistry and nanomedicine. Now he coordinates the project between France, Italy and China.

Celia Arib

Researcher of Bioeven

PHD student in nanomedicine, she actually working for Bioeven to optimize the formulation of encapsulated FAD at Université Sorbonne Paris Nord. Specialized in vitro experiments and characterization of Nanoparticles. Her research focus on the anti-cancer therapy.

Dr Murielle Derrien

Doctorate in Neurosciences – Molecular And Therapeutic Pharmacochemistry

She is doctorate in NEUROSCIENCES – MOLECULAR AND THERAPEUTIC PHARMACOCHEMISTRY and post-PHD at Harvard Medical School USA, Post-PHD at Cornell Medical College, New York USA with Pr. P. TRAKTMAN, Dr Ho the subjects of ONCOLOGY, BIOCHEMISTRY, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY. She is an expert in intellectual property (Patents, Trademarks, Model Designs, Copyright): Drafting of patent applications, summary notes Procedure under review: Responses to official letters Litigation: observations of third parties; litigation; Opposition Reexamination, IPR (US Patent Law) Freedom to operate – Opinions Portfolio: Organization, monitoring, competitive intelligence, Her technical fields include Chemistry, Vaccines, Food industry, cosmetics, Biotechnologies, plants, Simple mechanics, medical devices contracts – Business Law Fundraising Business Strategy. Project management: From design to implementation, Financial, Administrative Management: Constitution, team leadership, Networking: Cameroon, Brazil, Thailand, US (ANRS 1267 Study team and the HIV-1 PMTCT-PlaNet. Now she joins our teams for bioeven patents

Gerard Tassin
Judicial direction
Jean-jacques Ellul
Financial Direction